Monday, September 5, 2011

It's another night...just like any other night. One, two, three glasses of wine makes the night move with a smoother pace. I wonder as a get another glass what will become of this night. What will become of me? I love to wonder...can spend hours just wondering...
I'm not unhappy today...just kinda floating in life. As if a breeze is moving me rhythmically and I'm a flag on the top of a sailboat. I can feel the emotions whipping me back and forth and I just want to dislodge my self from the line that holds me and let myself float in the wind until I fall to the ocean, then the waves will carry me away.
I want to feel something...anything, just to feel it. I want to feel the bumpy surface of a shell at the beach..the sand moving through my fingers like velvet - or maybe just the softness of velvet itself. I want to feel the jostle of a roller-coaster with the wind jolting my body and whipping my hair in my face. Feeling - the essence of life is feeling.

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